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During MARCH, NEW ROOTS another Canadian company is offering a 
You Buy 1,they will send 1 to Ukraine of their VITAMIN D3 2500I.U.'s
Reg. $42.25  March SALE $29.99.
A great way to support our UKRAINIAN FRIENDS.

MARCH SPECIALS: During March we are featuring specials on products that may help you if you suffer from stress or depression & will help you relax. Check out our website under Product info to learn more about Depression and natural supplements that will help, rather than relying on drugs. Pick up a newsletter with more information.
SAFFRON…improves mood, relieves stress, supports relaxation; helps support mood balance in adolescents 12 years & older
30 caps- Reg. $35.69 SALE: $29.99
ST. JOHN’S WORT OIL…scientifically proven to lighten mild to medium depression naturally & safely. It also has antibacterial & antiviral properties. Helps get a deeper & better sleep. DO NOT take if you are taking an anti-depressant drug or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
Natural Factors….90 caps $21.69 SALE: $16.99
TURMERIC as well as helping with depression & mood disorders also helps with inflammation & neutralizes free radicals, which do the damage to our bodies; helps the liver with the detoxifying of environmental & internally produced toxins.
Brands available are NEW ROOTS & BELL LIFESTYLE which also contain black pepper, and
NATURAL FACTORS, CAN PREV & ORANGE 15% OFF the regular prices. Info also on Spotlight. 


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