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The first place I went when I discovered I needed to live gluten free, was to Nancy's Nifty Nook. Not only was Nancy very knowledgeable about the diet I needed to follow, but she took the time to explain what types of products were available to help me round out my diet and feel good about eating again. Nancy's offers a variety of gluten free products- cereals, frozen muffins, breads, butter tarts, waffles, as well as bulk flours, pretzels, soup bases, even cookbooks. She is quick to share a new recipe or point out a different way to prepare something and has set me off to start baking at home again- something I thought was well behind me. Stop in to get a warm greeting from Nancy or one of her wonderful, knowledgeable staff at 152 Holland East in Bradford. You will be stopping by more than once to get that warm hug of encouragement- trust me.

Sylvia Fox

Extremely Clean! Great Selection of regular items, as well Organic and gluten free.

Laura Crawshaw

Because of the cross contamination issues and the fact that the store personnel just don't get it, I too have never been a bulk bin shopper. After the last meeting though I made the trip to Nancy's Nifty Nook in Bradford and boy was I impressed! So much so that I bought several bulk flours to make some of the delicious recipes she shared at the meeting. She has all of the GF bin products grouped together in one aisle away from the gluten products and on top of that, they are all colour coded! GF products in that aisle clearly stand out (with green labels) and she has carried this green 'legend' around the entire store (freezers etc.) to clearly identifiy the GF products. You are probably also aware of the little corner she has that is jam packed with information on Celiac Disease and GF recipes - she will even let you 'check out' and borrow some of the resources she has. I wish I had known about this place when our GF journey first began - she has done everything possible to make the GF shopping experience as painless as possible. I strongly encourage anyone to make the trip up to Bradford to check it out.

Ingrid de Ridder

It was quite difficult for me when I had to make the change to a gluten free diet and Nancy has been most helpful in advising me on how to use different ingredients for successful baking. Thank you Nancy, your help is very much appreciated.

Susan Claridge

Just got home from my first trip to the Nook...Nancy is a great source for all things gluten free and really seems to have taken the cause on with passion and compassion. I don't feel so overwhelmed knowing I have someplace to go for food and information. Thank you so much Nancy.

Cindy Warren-Sinclair

We just enjoyed a slice of chocolate "Better Batter" cake :) So AMAZING!


We stopped in at Nancy's Nifty Nook last Saturday for information on Gluten Free foods for my husband. I must say that we felt right at home, and Nancy is a wealth of information. We purchased her special blend of GF flour, and today I made GF Zucchini bread! It turned out great! Thanks so much for your help, Nancy :) We will be visiting again soon.

Tricia Murray-Cresswell

Nancy has been wonderful! She has saved the day with all her gluten free baked goods for my little guy. Her chocolate quinoa cake is to die for!!!

Joyce M.

I stopped into your store yesterday for the first time and bought your last gf chocolate quinoa cake to serve after dinner with my gluten intolerant friend. My hubby was less than enthusiastic but after trying it all 4 of us agreed it was better than most cakes even made with flour. Same with the rosemary focaccia - it was devoured like there was no tomorrow. My friend was thrilled as she hadn't had focaccia in years. I gave her your card - surprisingly she wasn't aware of your store. She is looking forward to dropping by. What a pleasure it was to meet you. You have a lovely shop. Thank you for all your assistance and have a very happy new year!


Late last year ( 2022) my family physician had me do a pelvic & transvaginal ultrasound. The results from this ultrasound determined I have a fibroid, a polyp & a cyst. I decided to call Nancy for recommendation of a natural product to use. She recommended EFAMOL EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, which I started taking immediately before going back for my follow-up examination in 6-8 weeks. I went back for my follow-up examination 7 weeks after and my polyp was not demonstrated on the scan and there was no mention of the cyst being seen either. The fibroid was still there & I am continuing with the Evening Primrose Oil. Thank You Nancy. Your help & advice is greatly appreciated. Sophie


Hello Nancy, I had a very positive shopping experience today at your store. Kathy was a great help as she showed me around the store…..and I picked up some items for myself and a friend. I live in Mississauga but visit my son in Bradford. At Christmas I ordered your fruit cake and some shortbread cookies….both delicious. It was nice to see your shop and I’ll be there the next time I’m in Bradford. Cheerio for now…… Carol…Feb.2024.

Avery Woodard

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Avery Woodard

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Avery Woodard

Nancy, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for recommending the Berberine LipoMicel for my Diabetes. My sugars were not controllable, and my average was 22 mmol/L with highs to sometimes 30. After taking this product for a day and a half they dropped almost immediately and now I stay in the 4 -7 mmol/L range and have so for almost 3 months! My insulin requirements have also dropped and I am looking to no longer need insulin at all by the end of the month. I know this sounds unbelievable, but I have the FreeStyle Libre tracker to prove it….. Thank you so much for recommending it. Regards, Kathleen  


152 Holland St. East, P.O Box 12
Bradford L3Z 2A7, CA

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Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding service and excellent quality alternative health care options, in a friendly, caring & professional atmosphere. Our health supplements are supplied by manufacturers that adhere to the strictest guidelines for efficacy and safety. Cleanliness is a top priority at Nancy's. Our bulk products are of the highest quality and all equipment is sanitized on a regular basis. Our store carries a selection of gluten free products that is second to none. If you are looking for pre-packaged cereals, muffins, cookies, breakfast items, entrees, baking mixes, or freshly-baked treats, Nancy's is the place to go!

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